With a truly unique and razor-sharp sound combined with an exotic and unparalleled personal style, singer-songwriter Rime Salmi is poised to take over the world as the next queen of pop and R&B.

    Born to Moroccan parents but raised in Canada, Rime grew up a child of many cultures. As her love and passion for music developed, so too did her interest in the unique beauty that can be found all over the world. Now an accomplished global performer and songwriter, Rime has crafted and performed songs in French, English, Spanish and Arabic and topped charts in areas as diverse as Japan, Canada, and even the Middle East where she spent several weeks at #1 thanks to her 2009 collaboration with Karl Wolf, “Yalla Habibi.”.

    Since then, Rime has set her sights on becoming a global phenomenon. After her songs “Stop” and “Crazy Times” made waves by gaining airplay in over five countries (including Canada and Italy), Rime released her much-anticipated EP Flawd. The first single, “Just Cuz I Can”, has been featured on a who’s-who list of major Canadian stations across her home country.

    Rime Salmi has channeled her struggle of being torn between two cultures into stunningly beautiful music that is profound yet club-ready, raw yet polished, and with a distinct ability to set trends rather than follow the crowd. With a restless ambition that finds her constantly trailblazing toward her next artistic peak, Rime Salmi is a one-of-a-kind artist on the cusp of a dramatic global breakthrough.